STIG Task Management

The DoD is always seeking to enhance operational effectiveness and fiscal efficiency. Our solution reimagines the STIG process to provide a better more productive technology approval process. Implementing new capabilities and new platforms requires responding to standard questions from the controlling authorities including DISA. The process is “affectionately” known as STIG’ing and until now has been a person at a time effort with limited collaboration and providing no controlled versioning of responses. Odysseus is named after the King of Ithaca who had 10 years of travails to get back home. A feeling many who have completed STIGs know too well.

ACC3 looked at the whole of the problem, process / tools / user experience and worked through a design-based approach to develop an initial improved tool and then refined the environment, logic, presentation, and content control.

Generation 1:

Preserve the platform, enable multiple user access, implement roles.

Generation 2:

A modern single page web solution, rationalize the user interface and make it cleaner, invert the solution to tasking and manage the work assignments, extend the support for role-driven access and UI.

Generation 3:

Move to a true process engine-based platform, task aging/SLAs, prioritization, workflow management, case container for each task with artifact attachment, persona definitions and case specific role responsibilities, resource request for guidance integrated.

Generation Next

AI for response reuse, integration with automations for testing STIG conditions, historical response driven task allocation to resources, initial response pre-population, intelligent business area recognition and task routing.


Odysseus is a solution developed to solve a specific problem, a single user at a time highly manual process, and make it less effort intensive.  It is a manifestation of the ACC3 solutions engineering approach:

  1. Determine what the problem is
  2. Build a solution with evolutionary enhancements
  3. Measure what works and refine the tools
  4. Deliver a revolutionary tool and drive efficiency and quality