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Your Partner in Procurement Excellence

ACC3 International invites you to embark on a procurement journey where precision meets efficiency. Our KNOW YOUR GOODSTM capabilities ensure your procurement practices not only meet but exceed your organizational needs. Let us be your trusted partner in procurement excellence, where accuracy, speed, and compliance converge seamlessly.


Precision Assurance

Guaranteed accuracy in procurement practices for mission success.

Time Savings

Efficient processes, saving time and optimizing procurement workflows

Risk Reduction

Mitigate risks by ensuring compliance with government procurement regulations.

Adversarial Avoidance

Identify and eliminate unintentional sourcing from potential adversaries.

Strategic Sourcing

Reliable sources for the entire Bill of Material, enhancing procurement strategy.

Technological Empowerment

Equip your purchasing agents with cutting-edge technologies for DFARS compliance.

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No Adversary’s Components

At ACC3 International, we understand the critical role procurement plays in government operations. Navigating the complex landscape of government procurement regulations is no small feat. This section explores how our expertise and KNOW YOUR GOODSTM capabilities can revolutionize your procurement practices, ensuring they align seamlessly with your needs.

Understanding FAR and DFARS

Government Procurement Unveiled: FAR and DFARS Demystified

Explore the intricacies of government procurement with a focus on the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). We delve into key areas such as acquisition planning, source selection, and contract administration. Uncover the comprehensive regulations that govern imports, including the BUY AMERICAN ACT, TRADE AGREEMENT ACT, and restrictions on certain foreign-sourced products for security reasons.

Are Your Procurement Practices Meeting the Mark?

Are you unintentionally sourcing from adversaries?

Can you vouch for the reliability of your entire Bill of Material?

Do your purchasing agents have the right technologies to navigate DFARS requirements?

How much time is spent on ensuring compliance?

Put Your Project in Good Hands

Know your GoodsTM

We guide you through these concerns, offering insights that enhance your procurement strategy.