San Diego Convention Center

Feb. 14-16, Booth 3015

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The premier naval conference and exposition on the West Coast, WEST is now in its 33rd year of bringing military and industry leaders together. Co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute, WEST is the only event in which the makers of platforms and the designers of technologies can network, discuss and demonstrate their solutions in a single locale.

One recurring highlight of WEST is the chance to hear from the Sea Service Chiefs Рthe Chief of Naval Operations, the Marine Corps Commandant and the Coast Guard Commandant. In addition to the main program, WEST offers three Engagement Theaters: Marine, General, and Information Warfare. These smaller, more intimate venues allow military, government and industry professionals to drill deeper into specific topics and issues. More information about WEST speakers and panel presentations is available online.

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Wed 2/14

  • 9:30 ACC3 Panel
  • 11:30 ACC3 Panel
  • 13:30 ACC3 Panel

Live demos available on-demand.